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The calendar below shows the current bookings. If you click on an event you will find additional information and contact details for the organiser.

Please remember:

All events must have pre-booked attendance arranged with the organiser.  Please do not just turn up.

The calendar booking may include additional time for the organiser to set up and clear up afterwards.  Arrival time should always be confirmed with the organiser.

Space is always left between bookings.

Many of our regular groups are not currently meeting but we intend to keep their usual days and times reserved for when they return.

All bookings must be made via the booking secretary who keeps the diary.  The electronic diary is regularly updated but the booking secretary has the final say.

Please email or phone 07738 834106 and leave a message.

Our booking secretary will contact you within 48 hours.

Key to calendar

MH - Main Hall

CR - Committee Room

Busy - Private booking

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